About us

Based in Canada, WESTPAN is an informal network of individuals concerned about injustice in West Papua, and the associated destruction of unique cultures and rare ecosystems. Collaborating with other organizations that support WESTPAN goals, our key objectives are to:

1. Support the West Papuan peoples’ struggle to regain their fundamental human rights, including the right of self-determination. WESTPAN takes no position for or against independence but supports the aspirations of the West Papuan people to decide their own future.

2. Lobby nationally and internationally for peaceful solutions, including a Zone of Peace in Papua, a U.N. review and abrogation of the 1969 “Act of Free Choice”, and open dialogue between Papuans and the government of Indonesia.

3. Influence the Canadian government to express outrage at the rampant ecological destruction and continuing human rights atrocities committed by the Indonesian military and hostile foreign corporations in West Papua.

4.Influence Canadian organizations and decision makers to respect West Papuan sovereignty by demonstrating a true commitment to cultural preservation, social responsibility and inclusive decision making with local indigenous peoples

5. Raise public awareness of the need for justice in West Papua, and for peaceful democratic reform throughout Indonesia.

WESTPAN strives to achieve these objectives by:

– organizing and promoting public events and non-violent direct action – supporting research into political, social, cultural, ecological and human rights issues in West Papua – disseminating this information widely-operating a website at www.westpapua.ca

-operating a Moderated Listserve for WESTPAN supporters to communicate with each other

-maintaining a secure e-mail address for confidential exchange of messages between West Papuan activists.

– promoting letter-writing and media campaigns.

All WESTPAN activities are coordinated and funded by volunteers and aligned organizations. WESTPAN includes local groups across Canada, including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria.


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