How can you help

West Papua depends on the determination and resolve of ordinary people spreading the news across the world. Every small action, however small, helps!

There are any number of ways to help us:

• Become a WestPAN member
• Help update our website
• Follow this link to join the WestPAN listserve. (low volume)
• Contact us for details of our strategies and work
• Write letters to papers, magazines and journals
• Identify your local MP and raise the issue
• Write to government, foreign affairs & the opposition
• Write to the UN
• Lobby the Dutch Government to abide by its obligations
• Encourage NGOs to set up in West Papua
• Help get articles on West Papua published
• Set up info stalls, video nights, speakers etc..
• Help organise a speaking tour for West Papua activists
• Fundraise & donate money to support Papuan activists
• Work for the protection of tribal Papuan culture
• Use less resources – oil, gas, paper, gold
• Become a media partnerBecome a media partner

We are calling for:

  • An immediate review of the flawed ‘Act of Free Choice’
  • Human rights monitors for West Papua
  • A Withdrawal of combat troops from West Papua
  • The removal of the threat to free speech and opposition
  • 3rd party mediation for Papua-Indonesian dialogue
  • For the killers of Theys Eluay to be brought to justice
  • An end to the ecological destruction by mining corp’s
  • An end to the transmigration population program
  • Protection for West Papua’s forests, culture and heritage

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